Personal Client Package

What you need for your tax filings:

If you are an existing client from last tax season, please get in touch with our office to receive your customized renewal information to update and confirm.

If you are a new personal client, there is a little more we need from you, and you have options on how to send us your information.

Option 1
If you are ready with all your information and have the time, you can sign and fill out the detailed form directly online.

-- OR --

Option 2
If your household already has it filled out but you personally still need to sign an engagement letter.

-- AND --

Don't forget the government authorization!

CRA Personal Consent Form

Also, if you are in business and have a Business Number, the CRA has changed the authorization process as you are now required to be registered online with CRA My Business Account.

If you are a new client but already registered for CRA My Business Account, please sign the

CRA Business Consent Form

Otherwise, you must first

For more information on our current prices for personal filings