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Cory G. Litzenberger, CPA, CMA, CFP, C.Mgr

CEO | Director
  • 403-986-3829 ext. 100
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With the Income Tax Act always by his side on his smart-phone, Cory has taken tax-nerd to a whole other level. His background in strategic planning, tax-efficient corporate reorganizations, business management, and financial planning bring a well-rounded approach to assist private corporations and their owners increase their wealth through the strategies that work best for them.

An entrepreneur himself, Cory started CGL with the idea that he wanted to help clients adapt to the ever-changing tax and economic environment and increase their wealth through optimizing the use of tax legislation coupled with strategic business planning and financial analysis.

His relaxed blue-collar approach in a traditionally white-collar industry can raise a few eyebrows, but in his own words: “People don’t pay me for my looks. My modeling career ended at birth.”


Chelsea Grocholski

Accounting Coordinator
  • 403-986-3829 ext. 500
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Originally from a small community, Chelsea has been connected to the Red Deer area since 2002. She originally attended the University of Calgary for an accounting degree but ended up changing her track and graduated in 2011 with her Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Clearly, this was a completely opposite path because we all know how well accountants communicate.

Regardless of the path, we all know opposites attract, and so Chelsea keeps getting called back to the world of accounting throughout her career.


Ciara Mapes

  • 403-986-3829 ext. 300
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Born and raised in the small community of Hay River, NWT, Ciara came to Alberta when she attended Grande Prairie Regional College (now known as Northwestern Polytechnic) for Business Administration. Ciara obtained her Diploma from GPRC at the end of 2015.

After completing her Diploma, she stayed in Grande Prairie for three more years before moving back to the NWT. 

But once she had a taste for life in Alberta, as we all know, she felt herself being drawn back in, and in 2020, Ciara made the move to Red Deer where she now calls it home.